Virgo Woman And Leo Man

Despite having a lot of differences the combination of Leo man and Virgo woman has better chances of success in comparison to the combination other way round; meaning that of Virgo man and Leo woman. Virgo woman is a perfectionist and her house will never be found dirty whether it is day or night. Leo on the other hand is least concerned about all these things.


Leo Woman And Virgo Man

Relationship of Leo woman and Virgo man is one where the chances of success would be remote. Despite a great initial start, the relationship is bound to run into troubled water as the time passes. While Leo woman will shower Virgo man with love and affection she will seldom reciprocate. This will hurt Leo woman no end and the relationship may take a bitter turn from that point.


Leo And Virgo Compatibility

Leo is fire and Virgo is earth sign and naturally the personality traits of the people coming under the two zodiac signs will be vastly different. Leo is a person for the people seeking attention as well as appreciation from all around. Proud of charming personality, Leo often fails to shoe humbleness while Virgo is quieter in comparison and believes in humility and modesty. Very shy, Virgo will rarely look for the limelight. 

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